All About the Mama

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What about me at Such a Mama? I am Ann, a working mom with something to say.  Mostly because nobody else listens to me!  Ah the life with a kindergartener and preschooler and an adorable husband!

I didn’t even know I wanted a family with a husband and kids until I hit 30.  And then the biological clock’s alarm went off – loudly! I revved up the husband search and eventually met the man of my dreams.

Becoming a mother is the single most defining event in my adult life.  It has changed everything I think about, my relationships with family and especially my career.


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Connor is now in school and is becoming more independent every day.  While he still remains cautious, he is willing to try new things, like baseball and soccer and he loves books and learning. Amelia has quickly blown past toddler-hood is well on her way to taking on the world.  While independent and headstrong at home, she is cautious with other people and doesn’t like to show off for company.

Did I mention that they are the two most beautiful children on the planet?

Now we are living the dream – one boy, one girl, a cute house with lots of projects, lots of gardens and lots of love! You can contact me at and I would love to hear from you.