To blog or not to blog

As I look back on my first blog post of the year, my “word” of the year, I realize now that being present meant less blogging.


My position at work was converted to a 10 month position with the months of June and July off.  I was super excited to have all this time at home with my children, engage in all kids of fabulous activities and blog our way through our summer adventures.  But I was too busy being present to blog….

So here I am, at the end of summer, looking into another academic year and wondering where I go from here.



Wrapping up 31 days!

Today I have completed the 31 Day Writing Challenge from the Nester, along with many other bloggers I have gotten to read through this community. My topic Stop, Drop and Parent was my second attempt at this challenge, after doing it last October as well. I did better this year, with regard to my posting.  I only had to combine two days (Days 25 and 26) where as last year there were many more. And I hope I am a better parent too!

I think as the kids get older, there is a much greater opportunity to do more structured activities, which certainly helps on the blogging front! As a kindergartener, Connor wants to do more structured activities, like all of the Christmas Science projects.  And Amelia is starting to go along with these activities since she wants to do everything her brother does!

Clearly the biggest benefit of this writing challenge is that it does make me more focused on what I can be doing that is stimulating and interesting to my children. This helps us build family traditions and memories. And to take photos to document such activities!

The fall is always a challenging time of year for me. Because I have just about always worked in education, it is the beginning of the academic year and thus super busy.  But it is also the end of summer which makes me super sad.  The timing of this challenge, helps me to engage in the fun that is fall!

Until next year!

31 days 2014

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31 Days in October

After taking a bit of a blogging break, I am diving back in with the 31 Day Challenge at the Nesting Place. I found that last year, September was a difficult blogging month for me too and participating in this challenge helped me get refocused.  I had picked the theme “Stop, Drop and Parent” as a gentle reminder to myself that I needed to be more engaged with my children.  I had been struggling with juggling too many things and not really focusing on being in the moment with Connor and Amelia.

A year later, while it is always a struggle to be 100% in the moment, I think I am getting better at it. There are always new challenges, new balls to juggle, new needs and wants.  Each day as our children get older and more independent, it is easier to help engage them in the juggling. I am always trying to find new ways to engage two curious and excited children who are at two very different developmental levels.  Both my children are learning and growing so rapidly, it is challenging for me to keep up with them and engage them both at the same time.

For the month of October I plan/hope to blog everyday to share how I am engaging our family to become better parents, raise healthier and smarter kiddos! Please check out the other 31 dayers at the Nester and follow along with our journey.  I have also created a 31 Days Page you can access from the menu bar to list each post or from the cool 31 days button that is all over the place!.

31 days 2014


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Blogland Tour

I was invited to participate in the Blogland Tour by Stephanie of Sandpaper and Glue. It is an opportunity to answer questions about how and why we blog to learn a little bit more about other bloggers! There are all kinds of bloggers participating, but the questions are a little bit slanted to DIYers.

Sandpaper & Glue
Stephanie is a self taught DIYer and first time home owner, working her way through each room of her house.  Do check Stephanie’s House and Project Tour page for a quick guide to all of her creative house projects!

What are you working on right now?

Right now, we are squeezing as much fun out of the end of summer that we can. Next week, Connor starts KINDERGARTEN assessment and “camp” days and then the following week he is in school full time! Amelia will be full time in day care on her own for the whole day too.

blogland tour

As the summer winds down, we will need to start cleaning up the yard, clearing out flower beds, and trying to get the last outside projects done. However, we also need to tackle our kitchen.  We had lots of good intentions and demolished the whole gosh darn thing except the sink and all of the appliances are in place.  But otherwise it is raw plywood and sheet rock and is HORRIBLE!

How does my work differ from others?

It is uniquely me!  I don’t seem to fit into any particular blogging category.  It is definitely a little bit of many things.  I blog about our family adventures, our activities and an occasional recipe, home decorating idea or product review.  Lately, it is become much more focused on specific play and learning activities that we do and I am trying and be a little more intentional in the direction that I go.

blogland tour

Why do I write/create what I do?

For me, this is question that I ask myself every day!  Why do I blog? 
I started blogging after reading a wide variety of other mommy blogs and hearing my own voice and experiences resonate in their posts.  I love the technology I am learning from customizing my own site, to adding ads and a bit of photo editing.

Most importantly, I needed a place to share my experience of being a mom!  Overtime, it became less of a collection long rambling unrelated posts and has become more focused.  Although I still hold onto some rather disconnected types of post – like Wordless Wednesdays that don’t seem to really fit in with the rest of what I blog about.  But it is fun!

How does your writing/creative process work?

Great question!  I started blogging because these stories were filling up in my head.  Stories about our family outings or parenting challenges and I didn’t always have an outlet to share them.  Often times, the post is bubbling and brewing and once I figure out how it is all going to gel together I try and get to a computer and spill it all out!  As a busy working mama, there isn’t a lot of time for editing and rewriting so I love that a blog post can just be short and sweet. Often times, I just have a few minutes between dinner time and bedtime to upload photos and write so that post has to be fully formed in my head before I can get fingers to keyboard.

Check out the next stop on the Blogland Tour!

Mosswood Connections

MosswoodConnections Logo PostcardFree Activities, Lessons and Resources for Child Development! The contributors of Mosswood Connections are parents and therapists specializing in autism services. They believe in maximizing a child’s potential through positive reinforcement,  play based interventions and skill building activities. Their website offers some of the ways that we connect with children and their communities. How we can collaborate together to motivate and learn from each other to create the magic of growth and learning. The activities they have on their website are some of the games and projects that they have designed or improved to build skills and enhance the lives of all children.

Wordless Wednesday: Almost

Normally I try to follow the definition of Wordless Wednesday, but I felt like this post needed a little bit of explanation.

After coming back from vacation, I gave Connor the digital camera to keep him occupied for a few minutes while I was trying to unpack and get read for the week.  This is only a small sampling of the selfies I found when he was done!

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Wordless Wednesday

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