Apple Picking

Fall Apple Picking

apple picking

Despite my best efforts to make summer last as long as possible, fall arrives every year!  One of our favorite family activities is apple picking.  Apples are definitely a very seasonal fruit for me.  I only eat them in the fall when they are picked right off the tree! We love to pick seasonal fruits and veggies as a family.  Fortunately, our farm share affords us the opportunity to pick something every week in addition to the veggies they harvest and allow us to pick from in the barn. We love strawberry picking in the early summer at the farm share, raspberries and blueberries in mid summer and even peaches in the late summer.

I love that our children get to see how food grows and where it comes from. I love that they know where their food comes from and that is their hometown. I would love it even more if my picky eater would be inspired to try new things because he has picked it himself. This only happens once in a while and just with fruit. His sister, on the other hand, can make a meal of just fresh fruits and veggies!

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