Little Ones

My sweet babies

Becoming a mother is the single most defining event in my adult life.  It has changed everything I think about, my relationships with family and especially my career.

Connor is my angel baby.  A miracle really!  He was quiet, easily comforted, like to be cuddled and slept through the night easily.  He is a lover all all things transportation – trains, cars, tractors…. And books!  I started reading to him when he was just a few weeks old.  Somehow he knew all about how books worked, what to look at, to turn the pages very early on.  He is my little guy.  A picky eater, a careful explorer…  He is kind and sweet.

Amelia is the icing on the cake in our family.  We didn’t know if we would even be able to have two.  We are truly lucky!  She is a whole other child!  A spirited baby- according to one baby book.  Not easily comforted.  And LOUD!  She is a wild girl!  She came two weeks early in a thunderstorm after flipping herself breech in the first few hours after we arrived to the hospital. Her smiles are the greatest reward.  She will keep us on out toes.

Did I mention that they are the two most beautiful children on the planet?


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