Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Christmas Bucket List

Ummmm…. hello internet!  I didn’t mean to take the whole month of November off from blogging!  I didn’t mean too – really!  After completing the 31 Day Challenge, I knew I needed to take it slower, but one whole post for November!  Oops!  Bad blogger!

I have a really good excuse!  We have been working really hard on our kitchen renovation – you know the project we started last MAY!  We were all fired up to do the demolition back then, but summer happened and well… nothing in the kitchen happened!

But Christmas is upon us!  And while we still have some more work in the kitchen that we want to get done before family comes to visit at the holidays, there is much to celebrate and many special ways make memories for our family!

Christmas bucket list

This is the same one I printed and laminated last year.  I specifically chose not to put a date on it so that we could use it year after year, creating our family traditions.  And I found it just last night!

Here is one for you to print: Christmas Bucket List

Stay tuned for our adventures with Alfie, our Elf on the Shelf!

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Christmas Science for Kids

I was very excited to receive Carla’s ebook, 25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids from Preschool Powol Packets! Christmas ScienceThere are so many great science activities for kids, all with simple ingredients, directions and some explanation about the science concept you are learning about.

Christmas Science

I pulled out the book and Connor and I went through it, identifying what he most wanted to do and then I picked out a few more using the same ingredients or ones we already had on hand.  His first choice…. Santa Boogers!

Christmas ScienceFirst of all, go ahead and ignore the kitchen renovation going on in the background.  We have been ignoring it successfully for months!

Christmas ScienceSanta Boogers is a slime recipe made with white glue and borax.  I had never made slime before since Connor is my “clean” kid who literally doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  I wasn’t quite sure how he would fair with this.  One of the many cool things about Santa Boogers is that it transforms before his eyes.  It isn’t goopy or sticky and is super cool to play with.  Both kids loved it!

Next up was different projects with pine cones and icicles!  I think we were able to do about 6 Christmas science projects from the book in one afternoon with plenty left to try when it gets closer to the holidays!

santa 4 santa 3

You can download 25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids or you can also check it out on Kindle!

31 days 2014

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The last of our Elf on the Shelf visits!

I wanted to quickly post the last of our Elf on the Shelf, Alfie, landings before December is over!

Elf on the ShelfI saw several other families’ elves had landed in glassware, but we didn’t seem to have any big enough, so he landed in a fish bowl instead.

Elf on the ShelfAlfie also brought some new Christmas and winter books to build up our collection.  I haven’t counted yet, but I think we should finally have 24 to have one to wrap for everyday in December next year.  Connor totally noticed that the wrapping paper had both Santa and Alfie on it and thus it must be from Santa.  Must find a better hiding place for Santa wrap!

Elf on the ShelfAlfie hung out with our advent calendar!  He must be trying to tell us that Christmas was getting close!

Elf on the ShelfAlfie landed in Connor’s room and left Connor and Amelia a message on his chalk board.  Note it is really hard to take a picture on a chalkboard late at night!

Elf on the ShelfThe weekend before Christmas, Alfie left a big box on NEW crayons and coloring books so the Connor and Amelia would have something new to color while Mommy and Daddy cleaned the house.

On Christmas Eve, Alfie arrived after nap time with a BIG box of presents.  In the box was Christmas jamas for the whole family, hot chocolate, candy canes, peppermint marshmallows, new Christmas cups for the kiddos and the Frosty movie. Connor is obsessed with Frosty and we have watched it every day since.  But in the excitement of it all, I forgot to take a picture!

Elf on the Shelf: Alfie strikes again!

Alfie, our Elf on the Shelf has been a pretty busy little guy this past week!

Last weekend he brought some magic seeds back from the North Pole just like he did last year. Last year the magic seeds grew into candy canes, but this year, the grew into these marshmallow treats.  Connor recognized that they were the same kind of treat that Santa had given the kids when they went to visit him at a local store.  A happy accident on my part!

elf on the shelfAlfie arrived with the same EXACT letter from Alfie as he did last year.  Funny enough, the behavior reminders that Alfie gave Connor and Amelia were still applicable to this year.  He reminded Connor to eat his dinner and Amelia to sleep through the night!

elf on the shelf

Magic seeds planted in sugar

elf on the shelfAnother time Alfie also brought a letter from Santa complementing Connor and Amelia about their good behavior, but also providing some reminders about things they need to work on.  Neither one of the children appeared to be listening.  Alfie also built himself a chair out of legos at two in the morning.  ‘Cause clearly he wasn’t thinking very clearly at that hour.  Alfie also fell out of his chair a couple of times which sent Connor right over the edge.  We have to be very careful not to let Alfie fall.

elf on the shelf

elf on the shelfAlfie liked to hide in the tree amongst the decorations which made him a  bit trickier to find!

elf on the shelfAlfie decided a bubble bath full of marshmallows would be a very relaxing way to spend his time.  Daddy helped Alfie get the marshmallows out of the cupboard. Alfie and his bubble bath were found in the Amelia’s room where the cats hardly ever go so the marshmallows were safe! (They also made for a tasty breakfast for the kids the next morning!)

elf on the shelfA great landing spot for an elf – the jingle bell wreath!

elf on the shelfConnor was completely blown away that Alfie spelled his name with his blocks!  Daddy has been very helpful lately!  I wonder if he may take over elf duty full time next year???

Alfie has a lot more in store for Connor and Amelia for the last few days leading up to Christmas before he returns home to the North Pole with Santa.  Next year I totally need a calendar to plan things out in advance!!!

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High 5 for Friday! Five Elf on the Shelf adventures!

Alfie, our Elf on the Shelf, has been very busy lately.  He still has some last minute landings – like in the light fixture over the bathroom mirror – but you don’t need to see a photo of that! Here are 5 of his latest adventures for High Five for Friday!

Elf on the Shelf

1.  Last weekend, Alfie decided to take a pirate ship out for a ride!

Elf on the Shelf

2.  Alfie was very excited that some of the Christmas decorations came out of storage and that the stockings were hung up.  While he landed in Connor’s stocking, Connor thought it would be pretty neat if he also landed in the rest of the family’s stockings as well – (ummm – yeah!  I am all over that!)

Elf on the ShelfElf on the Shelf

3.  For this one, I blatantly stole the idea from a post over at The Jenny Evolution where she gives credit here.  It is great to see everyone’s different ideas, but sometimes they seem so impossible.  But this one I could totally do, just like they did! I have found that setting up some of Alfie’s adventures on this large wooden tray has helped a lot.  I can still place the tray up high away from little hands (and maybe some cats) although the cats for the most part seem to be leaving Alfie alone.  Maybe the cats see something at night that we don’t???

Elf on the Shelf4.  Alfie also took a ride on Rudolph the reindeer!  Connor was adamant that only Alfie flew to the North Pole and that his reindeer couldn’t fly!

Connor has been asking lots of questions about all the other elves that visit other kid’s houses.  Apparently he heard that some of the other elves are messy.  He was very quick to clarify that his friends’ houses aren’t messy – it is just the elf getting into trouble.  He seemed glad that our elf didn’t make any messes! Thank goodness indeed!

5.  However, I think he might be trying to eat out snowman from the gingerbread house………..Elf on the Shelf
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