Word of the Year and one goal for 2015

After poking around the internet I ran across all these “Word of the Year” posts for 2015. It seemed like a good fit for me this year. Last year I decided not to have resolutions, but thought that “goals” seemed like a good idea. After reflecting on the goals I had set for 2014, I realized that those goals truly had no end.  There is no point in the calendar year when I can say, yes, I have accomplished “Being a more patient Mama”.  2014 was an interesting year for our family, for our careers for our roles as parents.  We have taken on so very many challenges and I think we are better for it all.

Generally I take the first ten days of the year to sort out this resolution/goal bit in my head.  Since my birthday is also in January, I associate that date more with the beginning of a new year than the beginning of the calendar year. After trying out several different ideas, I finally settled on a phrase that fit me and the goals I have as a working mama: Be Present

Be present at home
Focus on the immediate needs of my children and spend more quality time with them.

Be present with my husband
Enjoy where we are right now instead of always focusing on the next thing.

Be present in my career
Focus on work, at work, not thinking about home at work or work at home!

Okay, maybe I have one small goal too. Making our beds every day.  Obviously the weekdays are the hardest times, but I have enlisted Connor to help me. I usually make our beds right as we are going to bed at night, but a nicely made bed just looks so much better. We will be engaging in some bed making lessons this weekend!


Be present in 2015!

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Goals for 2014

My goals for 2014….  Last year I didn’t make any resolutions.  This year, I am calling them goals, not resolutions.  Somehow the word goal, seems less daunting, more realistic.  There are all these statistics out there about resolutions don’t really last, but there is something about the new year that gives me hope of a new beginning, an opportunity to do something different, be better at things that are important to me.

Be a more patient mama

I seem to get frustrated easily about the little things, like getting out of the house in the morning.  Of course, being patient often means slowing down and meeting the kiddos where they are at instead of where I need them to be, which isn’t much help in the morning rush out the door. But they need me to be more patient.  I need me to be more patient.


Be a better wife and co-parent

This probably also means being more patient, but also having more fun.  More fun as a family, but more fun as a couple.  More date nights or time together just us. Less time feeling frustrated and impatient.

Be a better blogger

I think that most bloggers struggle out there with the balance, with the commitment, with the resources. Sure, if I didn’t have to go to work or take care of the kids I could be an awesome blogger! But there just isn’t the time.  I need to re-evaluate what I post and when.  I want to write better posts, not just post because I want to, making that transition from blogger to writer…

Refocus on my career

I made some changes in my career/work life after Connor was a toddler and we decided to try and have another baby.  There was no doubt that my career was going to shift in my priorities.  I went from being ALL career to being a working mama.  I took a different position at the college I have been at for 12 years which allowed me more time and energy for my family, but less pay.  I need to become reinvested in my career and my long term goals. I am not sure really what that means.  Right now, I am feeling like it is much more of an emotional investment, than a change.



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