Friday Five!

Here is my Friday Five!

It is Friday and good stuff has been happening!

1.  Amelia and Connor are getting old enough to go out and DO some stuff.  Not like eating at nice restaurants or anything, but some fun stuff, like the movies and live children’s theater.  My niece was in Suessical and both kids loved it!  She is the one in the brightly colored costume!Friday Five

2.  We have been looking for spring.  We started at the Bulb Show at Smith College and even tried a sugar house for pancakes.   It was still pretty cold and they were only boiling water, not sap.  But we can at least imagine that spring may come someday…

Friday Five3.  Both kiddos are old enough to start playing together.  Connor is better at understanding what Amelia can and can’t do and how to help her.  Amelia is much more able to play with him instead of beside him.  While she still does a fair amount of “stealing” his toys, at least she isn’t eating them as much!

Friday Five

4. The current balance of private sitter and “school” sees to be working well for both kids.  With the private sitter, they have a much smaller group of children, including playing with each other in a very familiar setting.  They have both been going to this sitter since they were babies.  At “school” Connor is in a preschool class and is learning all kinds of new stuff!  Amelia is in a toddler class that does a lot of ADORABLE crafts including a whole bunch of hand and foot print pictures!  And they both get dropped off at the same place in the morning!  MAMA WIN!

31 days

5. This was in my fridge!  Chocolate wine! And, yes you can order right from the website… Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday Five

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